“Ota City”, the largest Sento area of Tokyo Ota city Sento Tour


Send the form by fax or mail after filling the below table.
You can also apply through the application form on the website.


Requirements ○Over 18 years old 
○Willing to fill in questionnaires
○Give consent to take photos and have them posted in Tokyo metropolitan government reports 
○No problems nor concerns about health conditions
○No tattoos

Jan.25 Wed.
foreign participants welcom.

※Participants will be decided by lots if there are more than 20 applicants.
※We will contact applicants about the results by 28 Jan(Sat.)

Apply to Office for Ota city Sento Tour (AD Interface Co., Ltd.)
3F Oyama Bldg,2-25-15,Higashi Ueno,Taito-ku,Ueno-ku,110-0015
TEL.03-3839-5229 FAX.03-3837-5709
e-mail info@ota1010tour.com