“Ota City”, the largest Sento area of Tokyo Ota city Sento Tour

Ota City Sento Tour2

Still in business today. This is Sento!

Haneda Top Tour for Sento 2/5(Sun.)
<Max 20 participants・FREE OF CHARGE>

10:00 - 14:00

Guided by Ota City volunteer guides。

Meetingspot Otorii station(Keikyu line)
tour of
  • 竹の湯
  • 入船湯
  • 重の湯


Sento guide

Tsukasa Shimokitazawa

Sento enthusiast who has taken a bath at more than 3,000 bathhouses in Japan.The host of "Tokyo Sento Nights" held annually to bring together Sento fans. He has a network of Sento lovers across Japan and is working in a company.

Taking a bath


Enjoy taking a bath after viewing a picture-card show which helps you understand Sento.

Meals included

at Yutaka restaurant

Bowl of rice topped with conger eel


Photographs are available inside the Sento only during this tour.
You can see spots that you can't usually see.
Sento guide maestros explain the stories of Sento clearly.